Therapeutic Exercise

The Spine Care Clinic, in West Palm Beach, we are dedicated to patient-centered care. Issues such as chronic low back pain can affect people’s spine but also surrounding tissue near and far from the initial injury site. It is this reason in particular that rehabilitation centered on an individual’s body, and the limitations that they are specifically experiencing, are so important.

The Spine Care Clinic is committed to evidence-based care (Clinical Experience, Up-to-date Research, and Patient Preference) that takes care of the patient as a whole. “Recommended physical treatments, particularly for persistent low back pain, include a graded activity or exercise program that targets improvements in function and prevention of worsening disability. Since evidence showing that one form of exercise is better than another is not available, guidelines recommend exercise programs that take individual needs, preferences, and capabilities into account in deciding about the type of exercise.” (The Lancet, 2018)

The low back is an area of pain for many Americans and it also has a very complex support system that needs to be maintained to relieve pain. The Spine Care Clinic is dedicated to addressing a patient’s insufficiencies in certain areas that may prevent them from a better recovery. One of the goals of the clinic is to diagnose muscular imbalances and address them with exercises that vary in difficulty based on a patient’s level of fitness.

Diagnosing Neuromusculoskeletal imbalances is a staple in The Spine Care Clinic. The rehabilitation tools used in our clinic can assist with other injuries, such as ankle sprains, rotator cuff injuries, weight lifting injuries, tight muscles, sports-related injuries, and much more. Programs for patients vary in exercise prescription but can include any of the following: muscle stretching (PNF or other techniques), Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM), active muscle release, foam roller use, core stability, rotator cuff muscle stability, and plenty more depending on the patient.

Many people today sit at desks for long periods and use cell phones for long periods of time. Postural imbalances are occurring in our society based on these two everyday factors. The Spine Care Clinic is equipped to improve these muscular and structural imbalances via stretches and exercises, which can be done on the patient’s own time.

Patients will have take-home exercises, if needed, to help accelerate the healing process of that particular condition.