The research support of Cox® Technic is extensive. With 55 years of the developer’s experience and commitment to ensure a solid foundation for the technique with research and clinical training, Cox Technic offers over 100 published research articles, two textbooks (of multiple editions each), several federally funded research studies of the biomechanical and clinical effects of Cox® Technic, and well-documented algorithms of decision-making upon which chiropractic physicians can set patient treatment plans.

The patient’s pain relief is central to Cox® Technic. The biomechanical studies funded by HRSA and NIH grants documented that intradiscal pressures drop (lumbar spine to a low of -39 to -192 mmHg and cervical spine as much as 96 to 1583 mmHG pressure depending on the level), the spinal canal area widens (lumbar by 28%), and disc height increases (lumbar by 17%). For back pain and neck pain patients, these are positive benefits of Cox® Technic.

Clinical outcomes are most important to back pain and neck pain patients. Back pain patients in a 1000 cases study conducted in 31 chiropractic clinics found that 12 visits and 30 days is the mean for patients to attain maximum clinical improvement. Neck pain patients in a clinical case series of 39 patients attained this improvement in a mean of 13.8 visits.  These clinical outcomes result from this gentle, safe and well-studied chiropractic treatment.